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The Service Platform for your Manufacturing Centre.

Platform Features

Smart Scheduling

Save time by streamlining planning and scheduling processes using 3Dstream’s scheduling software.

End-User Management

Control which employees, clients or customers have access to your network and can request 3D printing services.

Print Request Management

Keep track of all internal and external requests for your manufacturing centre services.

Advanced Analytics

Collect and analyze machine, material and user utilization data from one place.

Automatic Notifications

Streamline information exchange between customers, clients and end-users with real-time notifications from any device.

Self-Service Checkout

Provide your customers with a modern online ordering and checkout experience.

Online Parts Library

An easier way to manage 3D file storage and bilateral communication between customers and manufacturing centres.


For Your Business

Effortless user and resource tracking
Straightforward job planning
More time for design services and building customer relationships

For Your Customers

Order progress tracking
Quick & Convenient checkout process
Modernized self-service customer experience

Intelligent Workflow Management

Centralized Customer Management

Web Portal Login

Private Cloud Storage

Dedicated, secure cloud storage for your users to upload, store and manage 3D printing files, projects and data. Customers can communicate with you through your secured web portal and create custom orders or quickly request reprints with assistive quotation tools throughout the checkout workflow.

User Permissions

Keep track of who has access to your print centre network and resources.

Assistive-Quoting Tools

Generate customized cost estimates and quotes for printed parts and orders in just a few clicks.

Checkout and Order Management

Allow your end-users and customers to track the progress of print orders all-in-one place. Print centre’s can quickly preview print files, order details and quality specifications to ensure every customer order is made with 100% satisfaction.

Scheduling & Planning

Plan Smart, Save Time.

Dynamic Scheduling Tools

Tracking, Analytics & Reports

Keep track of your 3D printing pipeline from quotes and orders to printing and completion on a single dashboard. Our platform makes it easy to track costs, machine or material usage and user statistics.

Dynamic Scheduling System

A powerful real-time scheduling system showing print queues for each machine and the status of each job. Manufacturing centres can easily perform job prioritization, capacity planning or resource scheduling and stay updated from any device.

Automatic Notifications

Enable your customers and end-users to receive automatic email notifications on the status of quotes, orders and jobs.

Third Party Integrations

Integrate our management solution into your existing ERP infrastructure, 3D printer or CAD software.

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