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Empower your learning center with tools to easily manage multiple 3D printers, user’s, files and scheduling.

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Manage your organization’s AM resources and entire workflows on one centralized and secure platform.


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Education Plan Features


Dynamic Scheduling System

A powerful real-time scheduling system showing print queues for each machine and the status of each print job. Administrators can add machines, edit settings, and change machine time availability.

Automatic Notifications

Enable your team and end-users to receive automatic notifications (via. email) on the status of their projects and orders

User Permissions

Only users who have permission can have access to your resources.

Private Cloud Storage

Dedicated, secure cloud storage for your users to upload, store and manage files

STL Editor

Visualize your STL files in the machine build platform and easily position, rotate and scale your 3D parts until you’re ready to slice

Cloud Slicer

Using CuraEngine, visualize, prepare and slice your 3D models into a digital file (GCode) for the 3D printer

Toolpath Visualizer

Visualize the “layer-by-layer” tool path your 3D printer will take based on the generated digital (GCode) printer file

Remote Machine Monitoring & Control

Control and monitor the progress of each print job on all your different machine

Dedicated Support

We offer support to ensure your 3D printing process runs smoothly and efficiently

Order Management

Allow your organization and end-users to track the progress of projects and orders all in one place. Print center administrators can preview order details including print files and slicing settings before approving the order to make sure every print is a success.

Job Prioritization  

Prioritize and queue jobs at the right machine at the right time. Track the status of all your work from order initiation to completion.

Inventory & Material Tracking

Track all of your consumables and inventory items on one platform

Tracking, Analytics & Reports

Track costs, machine & material usage, and user statistics

Tips, Hints and Tutorials for New Users

Tool tips and hints for new end-users to have a better understanding and learning experience when it comes to printing

Chat Client

Instantly communicate with your teams and end-users all on one platform
Project & Task Assigning

Task delegation made easy with simple tools to assign, track and monitor work

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